When considering the rich history and legacy of Tiffany Lamps, you may be surprised to find that many museums consider these lamps to be a hallmark of American culture. These lamps are a great source for collecting and studying art. They also can be a great way to find original pieces of artwork by some of world’s most famous artists. Whether you are looking for an antique Tiffany Lamp, a modern Tiffany Lamp, or even a Louis Comfort Tiffany Lamp, you are sure to find something that will appeal to your interests. Here are some tell tale signs of a genuine original Tiffany Lamp.

First look underneath the antique lamp shade. All original Louis Comfort Tiffany Lamps should have a wooden shank on the bottom of the shade, which helps support the weight of the glass and the bulb. Most modern lamps do not. A difference is that the older lamps may have been made with a metal shank, which over time may warp or become misshapen. Louis Comfort Tiffany lamps are a great source for finding original art pieces.

Next look closely at the finish of the Tiffany glass shade. Tiffany lamps have a raised finish around the edge of the glass shade. This is very distinct and can easily help clue you in as to whether or not it is really a Louis Comfort Tiffany. If you can’t see any difference between the finish on the front of the shade and the back, it is safe to assume that these lamps were not produced by this particular manufacturer.

Louis Comfort Tiffany floor lamps are a great source for finding true original art pieces. They also make great gifts for collectors and people who love to collect things. There are so many different possibilities when it comes to decorating with a Louis Comfort Tiffany floor lamp. You can find just about any design style that you are searching for and new lamps are being manufactured each year with updated patterns. At the Museum of the Met you can see fantastic floor lamp.

Tiffany Lamps Are the Center of Attention in Multiple Examples of Modern Lighting

Whether you are searching for an old Tiffany that is faded and hard to find or a new lamp that is both unique and interesting, you can find them at the Morse Museum. The Morse Museum has some beautiful lamps and artifacts for you to enjoy. You can also enjoy the educational opportunities that the museum offers to people of all ages. Many of the original paintings done by Louis Comfort Tiffany are on display as well. If you don’t want to spend too much time exploring the vast room filled with furniture, artifacts, and antique lamps, you can simply take some time to watch some of the amazing displays that take place during the museum’s annual Valentine’s Day celebration.

If you are interested in purchasing a lamp like the one displayed in the Morse Museum, you can visit the website tiffany Lamp. Here you will find multiple examples of the lamps that were produced by Louis Comfort Tiffany. You can choose a style from a selection of modern and traditional designs that were created over a span of nearly a century. In addition to choosing a design style, you can also select the lamp finish. There are finishes available in bronze, nickel, gold tone, oil rubbed bronze, oil rubbed copper, brass, bronze, chrome, teak, and mahogany. You can buy these and other products at the official Tiffany Lamp website.

Two famous museums to visit to see Tiffany lamps:

The Cleveland Museum of art

The Morse Museum of American art