A Tiffany floor lamp is an exceptionally decorative lighting fixture, its lampshade consists of glass with some American glass added. Louis Comfort Tiffany made many beautiful decorative items, lighting and furniture. One such beautiful item was his new Tiffany Floor Lamp with a Tiffany Glass Shade. This amazing lamp was designed by Louis Tiffany around 1876. This floor lamp has a shade that features a Tiffany Pattern. The pattern is actually a chess shape that is composed of 22 small diamonds.

The lamp’s base is constructed from metal and the top of the lamp is decorated with gold filigree. On the base of the lamp is a floral pattern which has been encased in gold leaf. Next to the floral pattern on the base is the Tiffany-style lamp shade, which features a wisteria plant that is cut in half with a heart as the flower. It is trimmed with gold leaves. On either side of the wisteria are leaves that have a diamond design in them. This unique lamp has a stained glass shade that is a rich golden brown.

The base of the lamp adds to the beauty of this piece because it gives it a unique Tiffany-style. It also helps the entire thing blend together with the rest of your room’s decor. If you want to keep the Tiffany-style looking new for years to come, you can take very good care of the stained glass lamp. First you should make sure that the wisteria on the bottom of the lamp is receiving enough sunlight so they continue to bloom and glow. This is easy to do with an inexpensive sunny window.

To help you preserve the original luster of your Tiffany-style lamp, you should place it somewhere that gets indirect light. For best results, you should place it at a spot that faces another window so the light from the other windows will bounce off of the stained glass onto the wisteria and provide just the right amount of light. Make sure to also put the lamp on a secure table, but not on the floor, if possible.

The beauty of the lamp lies in its ability to change moods, and quickly. You might decide you need a romantic evening and place it by your bed. At the flip of a switch, the light will turn on bright and clear. Suddenly the romantic setting changes into an exciting setting and you are ready to enjoy your evening. If you really want to unwind after a long day, you can place the lamp on its side.

If you are trying to relax, there are many ways to do that with this handy light. Close your eyes and imagine that you are lying in your bed and relaxing. Now picture yourself doing just that. Now close your eyes and imagine that you are taking a nice hot bath right before getting back for another round of business. Close your eyes and just let the thoughts of a good night rest on your mind.

If you need a little extra light in the evening, or if you would like to introduce some color into your room, you can light the base of the lamp, or place a colored lamp next to it. There are several colors to choose from and you can have any color you desire. It would be a lovely addition to a baby’s nursery. You can find these lamps in many varieties to fit their decor. You can even find Tiffany base lamps that match the decor of the bathroom or bedroom.

No matter what room you choose to place a Tiffany floor lamp in, you will be delighted at its beauty and elegance. These lamps are made to last a lifetime. When you are buying a lamp, you are buying not only the lamp, but the memories that go with it.